Supporting you every step of the way

What we do

We provide clients with robust, independent board performance reviews and board benchmarking that provide a fresh perspective; helping boards understand and address their key challenges efficiently and effectively. Our aim is always to help boards shape their governance arrangements in ways that support their strategic ambitions.

Our approach

We provide clients with a choice of tried and tested board performance review approaches tailored to your needs - be that interview-led, facilitated (benchmarked) survey, or a combination of both. Whichever approach you choose, you can be sure of a robust, insightful assessment based on the highest standards of independence and objectivity.

The process

A bespoke plan
Our highly experienced team of board reviewers will work with you to define an appropriate scope, be that a broad-based assessment or a tailored review focusing on key areas of interest.
Getting to know you
We perform extensive research and preparation to give us a thorough understanding of your organisation and the challenges it faces, as well as providing insight into how the board and committees operate. This normally includes running a Board Benchmarking board, committee and/or director effectiveness survey.
A better board performance review
Based on our research and the Board Benchmarking survey results, we will perform a series of focused key stakeholder interviews and observe board and committee meetings.
Time for change
The results of our board performance review are presented in a concise report, highlighting areas of maturity as well as areas for development. Our reports provide real insight and our recommendations for improvements are pragmatic and commercially astute.

Be better

Get support in undertaking your annual internal review of board, committee, chair and director performance using our benchmarked board surveys. Based on 20 academically proven factors that influence board effectiveness and with a database of over 500 boards, our Board Benchmarking surveys are both robust and cost-effective - saving you both time and money.


What’s the difference between a board performance review and a board evaluation?

They are the same thing. You may also hear the phrase ‘board effectiveness review’ being used.

Which organisations are required to have an external board performance review?

All UK premium listed and financially regulated companies are required to have an external board performance review once every three years.

Other organisations should consider the proven benefits of having a regular external assessment of board performance. Independent academic research by the Quoted Companies Alliance and Henley Business School confirms that periodic board performance reviews can unlock significant value (and prevent value destruction), improve board and executive relationships and enhance the reputation of the board with investors and other stakeholders.

A robust annual (internal) assessment of board, committee, chair and director performance should be carried out in the years between external reviews.

How are board performance reviews carried out?

Recent research carried out by Deloitte demonstrates that different firms use a variety of approaches, some being more robust than others. Comparison against this research confirms that Halex Consulting’s approach is particularly robust and includes:

• Board Benchmarking board, committee, chair and/or director effectiveness survey

• Review of a sample of board and committee papers and minutes covering at least the last 12 months

• Focused interviews with all board members, the company secretary, members of executive management, heads of control functions, your external auditor and potentially your regulator(s)

• Board and committee observations

We can also facilitate a board discussion on where the board is performing well, and where it might improve and how best this can be achieved.

What expectations do you have of board performance review clients?

Our preference is to work with clients that genuinely wish to engage in the process and are willing to consider our suggestions for improvement. Board performance reviews should be seen as a key element of the board’s continuous improvement programme and should not be seen solely as a compliance exercise.

Are you able to flex your board performance review approach?

Yes. Clients regularly comment that they particularly like our flexible approach. Get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.

What other governance related services do you provide?

While we talk about services – for example, assessing the effectiveness of a client’s risk governance arrangements – in reality, we help clients address their governance challenges, whatever they may be.

Example recent engagements include:

• Helping an international financial services organisation restructure its subsidiary governance arrangements

• Working with a not-for-profit organisation to deliver a board development programme

• Facilitating board discussions on purpose, strategy, sustainability and decision-making in uncertainty

The best way to find out if we can help is simply to get in touch by giving us a call on +44 (0)20 3823 6569 or through our Contact page. We’re always happy to talk.

What sectors do you cover?

We cover all sectors but have a particular focus on financial services.

Who can carry out board performance reviews?

Anyone. (Seriously!) There are no minimum requirements for firms providing board performance reviews. We recommend you take care in selecting your board reviewer as a poor board performance review can cause more problems than it solves.

Do you apply The Chartered Governance Institute's (ICSA) ‘Code of Practice for Board Reviewers’?

We are pleased to confirm that we apply the Code in full:

• Details of our competence and capacity are provided on this page, and on our Homepage, About Us and Case Studies pages.

• Details of the additional services we provide are provided on this page, and on our risk management and assurance pages.

• We do not provide independent board performance reviews (board evaluations) for clients where we have an existing governance, risk management or assurance relationship.

• We will perform a maximum of two independent board performance reviews  in succession for any client (i.e. years one and four).

• We may, as part of a bundled arrangement, provide clients with internal board performance review assistance through our Board Benchmarking relationship (i.e. years two and three).

• Each independent board performance review is subject to a comprehensive, written engagement letter.

• We seek to agree with each client any public or regulatory disclosure of the process followed and any statement that purports to represent our opinions before it is published.

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