The Challenge

This FTSE30 company had experienced significant change at board level and was due to have an external board evaluation. Due to the scale of board level change, the Chair felt the time wasn’t right to carry out a traditional fully interview-based board evaluation.

Our Solution

Halex Consulting proposed to carry out a board evaluation survey, supplemented with a board paper review and a reduced number of key stakeholder interviews including the Chair, the chairs of committees, the Company Secretary and the CEO. This approach aimed to identify the key challenges facing the Board while minimising the potential disruption and concerns associated with having an external reviewer assessing the Board.

The Result

The use of a survey, supplemented with board paper review and key stakeholder interviews meant that we were able to perform a very efficient board evaluation while still highlighting key areas for development. Additionally, the increased robustness provided by the combination of survey, documentation review and interview results meant that the close out process was significantly more efficient than usual, with less discussion of potentially contentious matters than would normally be expected.

Some time later, the Group Company Secretary commented that, “Four months later, I still have your report on my desk, split into sections, and find myself referring to it most days.”

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